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TV Shows I’d Like To See Remade Into Movies

The A-TeamThe A-Team is the latest television show to be remade into a movie. The A-Team movie brings back one of my favorite television shows with new actors, a bigger budget, and advanced production beyond any original A-Team fan’s wildest imagination. Fantasy Island is right around the corner with Eddie Murphy. Could this just be the beginning of recreating our childhood television favorites on the big screen?

I came up with a quick list of late 1970-1980’s television shows that I would love to see remade into movies. Rather than throw the obvious names like the Sopranos and 24 I tried to keep my choices to 20th century, specifically (late 70’s-1980s) television.

In no particular order here are few television shows that I think would have huge potential if remade into a major movie today.

Buck Rogers and the 25th Century
Silver Spoons
Fantasy Island
21 Jump Street
The Six Million Dollar Man
Married with Children
Sanford and Son
The Golden Girls
Mama’s Family
Night Court

As you can see I am all over the place here with comedies, dramas, and sci-fi. I tried to give some serious thought as to what show would actually work on the big screen in the 21st century. There were plenty of other television shows I enjoyed as a kid, but I didn’t think a lot of them would work well in a movie unlike the list above.

So let’s hope for a big box office weekend for the A-Team. A big weekend could mean more remakes of old television shows. The Six Million Dollar Man and Mama’s Family the Movie could be right around the corner!

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