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The A-Team and The Karate Kid go to war

The A-TeamThe summer movie choices continue to accumulate with two blockbuster remakes jumping into the mix. The A-Team and The Karate Kid will wage war for movie dollars this weekend as the newest  entrants into the pool of summer movies. Can either one of them be able to ambush Shrek or will it be a failed mission for two highly anticipated movie remakes?

The A-Team The A-Team recreates the classic 80’s A-Team television series with new faces, new plot lines, and a much bigger budget. Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson headline the all-star cast joined by UFC superstar Rampage Jackson in the role of B.A. Baracus. Can this remake live up to the hype or even outdo than the old George Peppard television series?

I was a huge fan of The A-Team as a kid so when I heard that the show was being remade I got excited. After watching a few The A-Team movie trailers, I am even more pumped for the movie. The action looks great, the characters look good, and it really looks like the concept stays true to the television show. The A-Team movie is one of the most heavily promoted movies of the summer so I’d get there early if you plan to see it this weekend. I have a feeling that you may be fighting for seats on opening weekend.

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The Karate Kid – Coincidence or irony that the two top movies opening this weekend are remakes of classics from the 1980’s? Jaden Smith steps into the Ralph Macchio role as the bullied teenager who turns to karate for respect, confidence, and revenge. Jackie Chan plays the “Mr. Miagi” mentor role in the remake. The Karate Kid will look to kick down the box office on opening weekend.

The Karate Kid puts its own stamp on their version of the cult classic. Jaden Smith and family move to China and like Ralph Macchio, have a difficult time fitting into the new neighborhood. This is quite a jump from the original movie which saw Ralph Macchio’s family move within the United States. Jackie Chan takes Jaden Smith under his wing to teach him karate and even more so, how to stand up for himself against the school bully. The rest is history!

The Karate Kid movie trailers all look good and I am quite impressed with Jaden Smith. You never know what to expect (other than feeling old) when you see an A-List actor’s child on the screen in a big role for the first time. Jaden Smith looks like he handles the part well and it is nice to see Jackie Chan playing someone other than a goofy martial-artist. It will be really interesting to see if this one has the same appeal as the first one did when it took America by storm.

Watch The Karate Kid Movie Trailer on VideoDetective.com.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work – Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work opens in limited release this weekend. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is a documentary which spotlights one of the true legends of comedy. Joan Rivers lets the cameras in and what is produced is one of the most critically acclaimed documentaries of the year.

I love Joan Rivers so I may be a bit partial here. The trailers all look great and I can’t haven’t read one bad review of the movie. If her story isn’t enough, the movie captures Joan Rivers without makeup which is worth the price of the documentary in itself. The documentary follows her around the country on tour, her day-to-day activities, and tells her life story. How they can do this under two hours is beyond me.

I am not normally inclined to spend $10 to see a documentary in the movies but I may make an exception here. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work looks like a winner.

Watch the Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work Movie Trailer on VideoDetective.com.

The Lottery – The Lottery is a documentary which covers the process that families in the Bronx and Harlem, NY have to go through to get their children enrolled into a charter school. The Lottery has the potential to set off a political firestorm if it can break through and achieve some mainstream success. Think “Nursery University” but a lot more serious.

Watch The Lottery Movie Trailer on VideoDetective.com.

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    June 11, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    Can We Talk? I just read a review of the NY times about Joan Rivers new doc and it sounds fantastic. Gahh Im in

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