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Sneak Peaks and Miss Congeniality top this year’s MTV Movie Awards

Sandra BullockThe annual MTV Movie Awards rears its head once again this Sunday. The 2010 MTV Movie Awards will air live on MTV this Sunday night and repeat about 1000 times over the next year on the MTV channels. Parks and Recreation star, Aziz Ansari will host the event but the buzz surrounds a certain winner.

Sandy is the word when it comes to this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Sandra Bullock will receive the MTV Generation Award for her spot in a generation’s pop culture of movie icons. This will be Sandra Bullock’s first public appearance since the scandal of her cheating soon-to-be ex hubbie Jesse James broke world wide. I hope she changes her acceptance speech.

In addition to the endless celebrities and awards that will be presented, there will be a few other extras to entice your interest in the MTV Movie Awards. For one, Harry Potter fans will get an exclusive look at the upcoming movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Twilight fans won’t be outdone, as you will get a heavy dose of your favorite movie saga. The MTV Movie Awards promises an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Eclipse star Chaske Spencer will play the biggest role of the pack as the “official” MTV International 2010 Movie Awards guest red-carpet correspondent. I am just happy that Spencer was able to get some work in this troubled economy.

The MTV award shows have become known for viral moments over the last few years. The only way to ensure you see it all is to watch the show live. Who knows what will happen when Snooki and Snoop Dogg come face to face?

Read about all of the nominees and latest news on MTV’s official Movie Awards website.

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