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Jack Bauer Kills Off Die Hard 24/7 Plot

Jack BauerAs the “24” hysteria starts to die down following the end of the Fox television series, the speculation for a “24 movie” begins. Hollywood is buzzing about where Jack Bauer will wind up next without FCC restrictions and a time limit. One place he won’t wind up is sharing a screen with Bruce Willis in Die Hard 24/7.

I was stunned when I read about the rumors of Jack Bauer and John McClane teaming up for Die Hard 24/7. Honestly, my first reaction was disappointment. I am way over the “Die Hard” franchise and the last thing I wanted to see is Jack Bauer sacrificing screen time to John McClane. My disappointment turned to relief when it was reported that Keifer Sutherland felt the same way and kobashed the idea.

While some “24” fans believe that Fox exhausted all of the possibilities for Jack Bauer at the conclusion of this past season, I disagree. I liked the end of the finale “24” television show more so than a lot of critics. I really liked that the ending of “24” kept the door open for a movie. While I understand that even with Jack Bauer dieing, “24” would have been left open for a prequel. But there are several avenues that Jack Bauer can travel down whether it is enemy of the state or continuing his role as reluctant hero. I think the possibilities are too open to limit Jack Bauer and “24” to sharing the story with another character altogether.

Another road to travel would be the criminal trial of President Taylor. Not that I want to see “24” turn into “Law and Order,” but I think that would make a fascinating drama. Of course you would have to sprinkle in some blood, some deaths, and some explosions courtesy of Jack Bauer to give it the true “24” flavor. Yet at the end of the day, I believe there are far too many possibilities on the table for “24 the Movie” than playing second fiddle to an aging franchise. I also still wouldn’t rule out that 24 Prequel. With a prequel, “24” can bring back some favorite characters like Nina, Tony, and President Palmer. Frankly, that is where I think they need to go here but it looks like Fox is moving towards picking up the story where the “24” finale left off.

I can easily see the upside for “Die Hard.” “Die Hard” is still a money-making franchise and John McClane now spans two decades of movie fans. While it is profitable to continue making “Die Hard” movies, where do you go with John McClane at his age in the story? The only characters that should be crossing over into other movies are super heroes. Leave it to the Justice League or the Avengers 20th Century Fox!

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