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Superhero movie giants rumored for Oz movie prequel

Sam RaimiWord on the proverbial street is that Spider-Man movie director Sam Raimi is interviewing for a new gig. Variety.com reports that Raimi is in negotiations to direct “Oz, the Great and Powerful.” The movie will be a prequel to the classic, “The Wizard of Oz” and is also expected to star Iron Man himself, Robert Downey, Jr.

The buzz is exciting for super hero fans who could see two of their favorite franchises come together for “Oz, the Great and Powerful.” The “Wizard of Oz” prequel will focus on a circus wrangler who is transported by a tornado to a mysterious land where he is received as the “wizard.” Of course the circus wrangler is not a wizard which is sure to lead to fun, confusion, and a lot of fantasy.

Sam Raimi made news back in January when he walked off of the Spider-Man 4 project. How big was Raimi’s Spider-Man exit? Well the entire project was eventually canceled and but on hold with a “reboot” in mind. Raimi is an exceptional director and with the talents of Robert Downey, “Oz, the Great and Powerful has the potential to go down as the 2013 must-see movie.

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