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Kyle Turley hits hard with “Anger Management”

Kyle TurleyDid you ever wonder what happens to a professional athlete after they have been out of the spotlight for a few years? Former NFL star Kyle Turley is one of many ex-professional athletes whose careers were cut short due to injuries. Yet for Kyle Turley, instead of crying about it he is singing about it. Kyle Turley is back with his first music album, “Anger Management.”

Most NFL fans are familiar with Kyle Turley. I always liked Kyle Turley because he told it like it was. Reporters never had to worry about Turley giving them a good quote as he always delivered. My memory of Turley on the field was the brawl he had with Damien Robinson. Even to this day, clips of the brawl are featured on some NFL Films’ compilations on ESPN and the NFL Network. Kyle Turley didn’t take crap from anyone on the field and he certainly didn’t take any off of the football field.

I was a little skeptical of Turley’s musical talents as I think most NFL fans would be. Yet once I started listening to his music, I really liked it. I am not a country music fan, but “Anger Management” has a nice hint of rock and roll to the CD. Turley cites metal Gods like Slayer and Pantera as influences, which inch through on “Anger Management.” If you didn’t know you were listening to an ex-NFL lineman, you’d probably think you were listening to one of country’s megastars. “Anger Management” is really that good.

Kyle Turley has also taken up the plight of ex-NFL players over the last several years. Turley regular speaks out often against the NFL’s treatment (or lack thereof) of ex-NFL players. Turley puts his money where his mouth is as proceeds from “Anger Management” go towards the Gridiron Greats charity. Gridiron Greats helps retired NFL players in dire need of financial and/or medical assistance.

SingingFool.com is giving away several copies of Kyle Turley’s new CD, “Anger Management.” Even if you don’t win, the proceeds of a purchase are going to an excellent cause.

Enter here to win the Kyle Turley “Anger Management” CD.

Watch the Kyle Turley, “Another Whiskey” music video on SingingFool.com.

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